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Since 1991,Green Valley Pest Control has been providing certified residential, industrial and commercial pest control and extermination services throughout all the communities within the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) of BC.We are government certified and experienced in all aspects of Vancouver pest control including bed bugs, carpenter ants, rodents, birds, squirrels, raccoons, insects and other common household pests.

Try This Natural Way To Get Control Over The Carpenter Ants!

Carpenter ants are most popularly known to cause most of the damages among all the different species of ants. The most common sign of the damage caused by carpenter ant is the appearance of small, circular galleries on the surface of the wood. Queen may lay 9 to 16 eggs first year and they may live up to 25 years. Carpenter ants are very much adoptable and hardy in nature and quite hard to kill. A mature ant colony may have from a few hundred to millions upon millions!

Try This Natural Way To Get Control Over The Carpenter Ants!

So if you find that your personal or professional premises are infested by the carpenter ants, you should immediately hire the carpenter ant control from Vancouver. It is because of the fact that they are gradually becoming a big issue in Vancouver as it is hard to remove them at one chance. This is the true fact about them that they bore into wood and weaken the wooden structure as soon as possible. Their bite or sting may sometime cause the life threatening situation. Having carpenter ants all over the home expresses the unclean picture of the house that raises the finger towards hygiene issue of the home.

In order to combat that situation you should hire services from Green Valley Pest Control as they offer natural, organic pest control, extermination and pest removal system. They are completely certified and trusted commercial and residential pest control service provider. Pest proofing, trapping, habitat modification, animal waste clean-up and sanitation etc are the most non-toxic extermination procedure involved in their service. You hire this service freely without any hesitation as it is fully proven by the government and their work backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They are the best one as their service never causes discomfort and destruction like rest of the service provider.

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